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  • UPC: 097612750089
  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories
Zoo Repti Bark 15-30Gal 8Qt

  • UPC: 068328071843
Boxo offers soft, highly absorbent bedding material that provides maximum odour control for you and your pet. It is manufactured from the unused waste paper that is a byproduct created from finished pre-consumer paper products. Boxo contains no aromatic oils or chemicals, providing a clean and cozy environment for your pet.

  • UPC: 068328060106

Provides a soft, comfortable and clean nesting area.

  • UPC: 068328041204
The moderate price point on Pestell's Corn Cob Bedding makes it an economical option for the customer who cares for more than one pet. Perfect for birds, and an appropriate choice for many small animals and some reptiles.

  • UPC: 068328012204
Provides a soft, comfortable and clean nesting area.

  • UPC: 066380180305
CareFresh Pet Bedding is made from reclaimed cellulose. It is biodegradable and flushable in small quantities. Promotes a more natural living environment than other bedding substrates! Patented formula ensures that it is free from pine & cedar oils, which may be harmful to small animals.

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