Greetings my fellow animal enthusiasts! My name is Anthony and I have a fiery passion for everything that involves dogs. Although dogs are certainly where my expertise lies, I have many other animals that I love and adore in my home. I have 3 sugar gliders (Franku, Sugar, and Stripe), 1 hedgehog (Spikes), 2 guinea pigs (Spot and Cocoa), 2 horses (Cookie and Spot), 12 chickens and a duck without names, 1 African grey (Raven), 1 fish tank with around 15 fish, and 2 cats (Pancake and Muffin). However, of all these animals I am definitely closest to the 7 dogs that I own with the two first listed being my own personal companions: Rollie Pollie (Jack Russel Terrier), Bruno (Pitbull Labrador Retriever mix), Bella (Maltese), Rocky (Maltese), Charlie (Maltese), Bella (Yorkshire Terrier), and Missy (Yorkshire Terrier). Ask me about any of them and I'll passionately tell you all about them! You can normally find me standing in front of the puppy window feeding my insatiable love for dogs. I also commonly wear a shopping basket on my head. I look forward to seeing you!

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