Hi, my name is Nic. Don’t let my small size fool you. My knowledge of reptiles, fish and many other animals is remarkable (so I’m told). My family and I have always been long time customers at Today’s Pet, at the Columbia Mall location and here. After the store relocated and I was old enough to work, I applied for a job and was excited to soon after I got hired. I was hired to help maintain the fish & reptile departments although I have some knowledge in most of the other departments as well. . My extensive collection at home consists of a variety of ball pythons, a Kenyan sand boa, savannah monitor, eyelash gecko, two alligator snapping turtles, a red eared slider, an African grey parrot, three dogs, two cats, chickens, a saltwater reef tank as well as two freshwater tanks, and the wildest of them all are my two sisters Audrey and Lindsay.

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Choose from 6 flavors. 3oz Pouches. Each recipe is full of fleshy cuts of high-quality proteins such as mackerel, salmon, chicken, beef, as well as wholesome vegetables and fruits in every bite. (Regular $1.89...
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