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Not all dog & cat foods are created equal. What’s best for one pet may not be the best for another. Dogs and cats have special needs, just like you and I do. For most of us, when shopping for any food product, it’s difficult to resist one labeled premium, gourmet, or all natural. Companies intentionally use big words and lots of advertising dollars to sway you into believing that their product is superior to all other brands. It may be a a great food, for some pets and then it may not be the best for yours. Who can say there is a leader among all the foods...one that stands out as the top dog and cat food….no one can’t! There’s a lot of great information available concerning pet foods and a lot of misleading information from companies that believe only their brand is best. Today there are more than 3800 dog and cat foods on the market. It mind boggling. Stop in and talk to one of our qualified dog and cat food experts. Pet have allergies, skin conditions, sensitive stomach, too fat, under weight, or just plain doesn’t like their food? Let us help with the decision process or just stop in for some samples and they some for yourself. Want to see how your dog food stacks up? Here’s our top brands as rated through “Dog Food Advisor.”

Here’s some of the 3, 4 & 5 Star dry foods you’ll find at Today’s Pet...Always in stock.

5 STAR 4 STAR 4 STAR-Continued 3 STAR
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Blue Buffalo Freedom Nature’s Variety LID Blue Buffalo Basics
Canidae Grain Free Blue Buffalo Life Protection Now! Canidae
Diamond Naturals Chicken Soup NutriSource Fromm Classic
Dogswell Live Free Country Naturals Nutro Ultra Natural Balance
Earthborn Holistic Diamond Naturals Party Animal Nutro Natural Choice
Go! Dogswell Pure Vita Royal Canin
Merrick Classic Fromm 4Star Sojos Triumph
Merrick Grain Free Fromm Gold Taste of the Wild Verus
Nature’s Variety Instinct Holistic Select Vets Choice Health Extensions  
Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Natural Balance Synergy Wellness Simple  
Nutrisca Nature’s Variety Prairie Zignature  
Wellness Core